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In 2 words, locavores are local product consumers in order to reduce transport costs and to foster local economy. Britain is rich of producers. It seemed easy to obtain local products directly at the producer’s or on local markets. But besides costs question, we had to face logistic and constancy problems. Some producers also didn’t want to work with restaurants. Fortunately, some of them accepted to play the game :

  • Bio cider for La Ferme des Landes at Saint-Cast Le Guildo
  • Vegetables from La Ferme de Robin at Saint-Méloir des Ondes
  • Cream and butter from la Ferme Saint-Goudas at Pleslin Trigavou
  • Fishes and shells from small fishing boats

Also some subtilities :

  • Marine herbs and sea weeds picked up by ourselves : criste marine, sea sorrel, sea chard, Neptune navel, etc.
  • Aromatic herbs growing in our yards : marjoram, lemon balm, thaï basilic, minth, coriander, thaï chives, etc.


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